Never use chemical pestisides for your field it will harm the corps

The use of chemical pesticides in pest control is currently a lot of negative impact. The problem of environmental pollution is an obvious consequence, in addition to the continuous use of pesticides can also cause resistance to pests and even leave pesticide residues on agricultural products = that can be harmful if consumed by humans. Therefore, it required the efforts of environmentally friendly pest control, such as the use of botanical pesticides or biopesticides.

In addition to the = botanical pesticide No one means of controlling crop pests is by using environmentally friendly chemical compounds found in plants and insects (pests). Insects use chemicals to communicate with other insects, as well as plants have chemical compounds were issued to attract insect pollinators (attractant), or to defend themselves (protectant). By manipulating the compounds produced by insects or plant expected to reduce the pest population by inhibiting the presence of the pest according to = in a planting area of ??cultivation.

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