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The ESAs Animals

There are many different species and animals that qualified for ESA. Dog, cats, birds, mice, rabbits, rats, minipigs, snake, hedgehogs, etc. and it can be any ages emotional support pet. They don’t need special or specific training because their presence to lessen the symptoms which associated with person’s psychological or emotional disability unlike The Psychiatric Support Animals (PSA) that must be specific well trained. But there is the only one requirement is that the animals or pets is manageable (reasonably well behaved by pet standard) in public and doesn’t create any nuisance in or around the home setting.

All emotional support animals (ESA)or sometimes it called emotional support pets (ESP) must be registered, but registration is voluntary, not obligatory. Registering your animal or pet as an ESP, it gives official and legitimate status for your pets. It will avoid and eliminates any hassle and confrontation you will encounter without registering your pets. And it makes life easier for disabled owners.