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What Can A Hawaii Plastic Surgeon Do For You?

A plastic surgeon hawaii is the person who is trained in the performing the various techniques of plastic surgery. With the growing consciousness among people regarding looks, plastic surgery is a rage among most people. It is a popular practice of removing bodily imperfections and aging effects of a person. offered in Hawaii methods that are practiced these days. Breast augmentation – This is the process of enlarging breasts by the placement of artificial implants behind each breast. The breast extension includes the usage of prosthesis (silicone bag) under the breast and filling the bag with saline water. This imparts a fuller look to one’s breasts, enhances the contour and improves the cleavage.

Breast lift – Mastopexy, more commonly known as breast lift, is a host of surgical methods that are meant to change the shape or lift the breasts of a woman. It is also useful in relocating the nipples and areola. This is performed by making incisions underneath the breast, around areola and base of the breast. This method removes extra skin, reduces the size of areola, and elevates a breast. Eyelid surgery – Also called Blaspharoplasty, an eyelid surgery is surgical alteration of the eyelid. This method helps in getting rid of excess fat and skin and reinforcing the surrounding tendons and muscles. It is performed through incisions that are made externally along the skin lines around the eyelids. A simultaneous method of resurfacing of the external skin with the help of a chemical peel could be performed. This helps in a faster recovery.

Facelift – Technically known as Rhytidectomy, a facelift is a surgical procedure that imparts a youthful appearance to an individual’s face. It involves the removal of extra facial skin. This method is pretty useful in getting rid of loose skin creases around the neck and cheeks. It requires skin incisions. Facial implant – These are helpful in enhancing several features of a face. A plastic surgeon can improve facial contours aesthetically through facial implants. The most common types of facial implants include lower jaw implants, cheek implants, chin implant and paranasal implants.